Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Can I use a Roku at a Hotel that has a "Secondary" authentication via a Web Page? YES You can!

I finally took the plunge and took my Roku 3 to the Hampton Inn (Hilton property).  I plugged it in and set it up to connect to hhonors WIFI SSID.  And then I opened Netflix and BAMM, it didn't work!  :)  I didn't think it would.  I searched the Internet many times before this to see if anyone had an easy way to do the authentication.  The Roku doesn't have a web browser, so you can't connect to www.anything.com, which is required at Hilton properties.  When you connect to a site in your web browser, the Hilton WIFI service presents you a web page that you have to log into with your room number.

Ok.  I knew that, and I'm guessing if your still reading that you knew that also.  So, how do we fix it.

Some people bring a router with them, and use that to authenticate.  They clone the mac address of the router or something like that.  Well, I thought, why clone the MAC address of the router?  Why not just clone the MAC address of the Roku?  Hum, would it work?  Yes, it does!!!

So, how do you do it.  Let's walk through it.

A MAC address is a network address that is unique to every device.  It's only used locally on the network, it doesn't get sent out on the Internet, for that we use what's called an IP address.  So, what is the MAC address of the Roku?  You need to find that out in order to do this, so here's how you find the MAC address:

Go to "Settings", and then "Network", and then "WIFI" (This is for the Roku 3 with the new software, older Roku's should be close to the same procedure).

1.  Go to Settings:

2.  Write down the Roku MAC address
3.  Unplug the Roku (power it off)
4.  Clone the MAC address on your computer.

If your Computer is running Windows, this is a fairly complex process.  I will try to right up the procedure in another post soon, but I think it would be easiest to do it with a video.

If you have a MAC, do this:
1. Open Terminal
2. At the command line, type:
 ifconfig en1

You should see something like this:
    ether 68:a8:ee:ee:ee:fa  <-----THIS IS YOUR Computers MAC ADDRESS
    inet6 fe80::6aa8:6dff:fe19:2efa%en1 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x4
    inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
    media: autoselect
    status: active
3.  Write down your computers MAC address.
4.  Now, type this command: 
sudo ifconfig en1 ether ROKU-MAC-ADDRESS
NOTE: en1 is the Network adapter on my MAC (look at the two items I have highlighted GREEN), yours could be en0 or some other enXX

For example, if your ROKU has a MAC address of: B8:3E:59:FF:FF:FF use this command:
sudo ifconfig en1 ether B8:3E:59:FF:FF:FF

5.  Turn off your Computers WIFI network.
6.  Turn on your computers WIFI network
7.  Connect to the Hotels WIFI network
8.  Open a web browser like normal, and connect to www.yahoo.com and log into your hotels WIFI network.
9.  Reset your MAC address on your computer with this command:
 sudo ifconfig en1 ether computer-MAC-ADDRESS
NOTE: AGAIN, en1 is the Network adapter on my MAC (look at the two items I have highlighted GREEN), yours could be en0 or some other enXX

10.  Turn off your computers WIFI adapter
11. Power on the Roku, and enjoy!